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Instruments & Gear

Also included are Sonar custom drums. Babinga wood Signature Series 8-piece set: 16x20 BD; 18x22 BD; 5x14 Sn; 8x8 Tom; 8x10 Tom; 8x12 Tom; 14x14 Floor Tom; 16x16 Floor Tom. Also a large variety of cymbals and extra snare drums. All together, enough for two complete sets.

A collection of choice vintage and custom guitars and basses are available on request. Included is an Alembic Jerry Garcia tribute guitar, an Alembic custom bass, Taylor 12 and six string acoustic guitars, a l967 Gibson ES335 and others.

Rehearsal and Live Performance System
The main studio is also equipped with a Mackie 24x8 console with effects and limiting, 4 stereo amplifiers, 4 JBL flown speakers, and a variety of JBL, EV and other cabinets and wedges. All inputs are wired in parallel with the Neve console for instant multi-tracking of the performance as desired.
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1 Alesis QS8 Synth
1 Eden 410 XLT Bass Cabinet
1 Eden D410T Bass Cabinet
1 Fender Cyber Twin Combo
1 Fender Deluxe Reverb Combo
1 Grotrian Concert Grand 225 (7’ 6”)
1 Hammond B3
1 Leslie 122
1 Marshall Blues Breaker 212 Combo
1 Mesa Boogie 2x10 Bass Cabinet
1 Mesa Boogie 1x15 Bass Cabinet
1 Roland Juno 60 Synth
1 SWR SM500 Bass Amp
1 Vox AC30 Combo
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